GE finds 900,000 customers for Coles Myer Source card

GE Money said it signed up more than 900,000 customers to the Coles Myer Source MasterCard. But when asked what the ramifications of any sale of spin off of the Myer department store chain from the Coles Myer group would mean for GE’s long term contract to provide store cards and related services to Myer, GE’s managing director, Tom Gentile said he would have to take advice. Gentile also said that after about six weeks of marketing to dentists, eye surgeons and vets, GE has signed up a few hundred medical specialists to its “CreditCare” product, and that a few hundred more specialists were in the pipeline. GE plans to promote unsecured loans for terms of up to three years to fund discretionary medical care that is not otherwise covered by any form of health insurance.