How Telstra’s ‘more4you’ plans will affect existing customers

Telstra introduced a new range of mobile phone plans called ‘more4you’ on 23 January 2002. These are available to both new and existing Telstra customers.

Below is an explanation of how existing customers will be affected.

Customers still on contract

Most customers still on contract will choose to remain on their contract until it is fully paid out. Customers wanting to upgrade their plan will still have the option of switching to one of the ‘old’ plans (for example a customer may upgrade from a PocketSaver 20 to a 30 Flexi Plan). Customers lured by the monthly bonuses offered as part of the ‘more4you’ plans may request to switch to one of these plans however they will be required to pay out any penalty fees associated with terminating a contract (this will usually be the minimum monthly cost multiplied by the number of months left on the contract).
Effectively, those customers still on contract will not be affected by the new plans until their current contract expires.

Customers no longer on a contract

Customers who are no longer on a contract and are paying on a month-to-month basis will remain on their current plan until further notice. However, customers may formally request to be switched to a ‘more4you’ plan.

Existing customers who currently benefit from FreeChat, FlatChat or Free 24/7 will continue to do so until at least 30 June 2002.

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