HSBC has 24hr forex for world citizens

HSBC Bank Australia has launched a 24-hour foreign exchange trading service with live pricing. The service, Get Rate, is for retail and small-business customers. HSBC is claiming its 24-hour live pricing service is a first in the retail and small- and medium-enterprise markets. Available via mobile and online banking platforms, Get Rate offers access to 19 currencies.

In August HSBC launched a Platinum Qantas Visa Card, offering two points for each dollar spent overseas (compared with one point for local purchases), complimentary passes to the Qantas Club, travel insurance and purchase-protection insurance.

The head of savings and investments at HSBC, Michael Danby, says customers use the service as part of their travel planning and overseas shopping.

“Customers like the fact that it is the same type of account as their Australian dollar account, with the same online access. You can use it to send foreign currency wherever you like,” he says.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald