Impulse to launch frequent flyer program

By the end of the Olympics Impulse’s new frequent flyer program will be in place. Impulse will offer a bonus air ticket when customers have accumulated enough reward points by travelling with Impulse on previous flights. According to Gerry McGowan, Impulse chief executive, bonus tickets are unconditional meaning that there will be no complications regarding such things as seat availability. Mr McGowan says that bonus points will be like cash and customers will able to book their bonus ticket in the same way as normal fares making it as simple as possible for the customer. Impulse’s new frequent flyer scheme may pressure Virgin Blue to follow suit despite claims by Virgin Blue that they have no plans to introduce such a program any time soon. Meanwhile, Ansett and Qantas will widen the range of products offered to members of its frequent flyer programs by extending into areas such as real estate, telecommunications, share trading and financial services.

‘Impulse Airlines to have a ‘simple and honest’ frequent flyer scheme’, The Australian Financial Review Weekend, 9-10/09/00, p 2.

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