Indian banking team opens doors

HSBC is setting up a dedicated non-resident Indian team to supply global financial services to the Indian Diaspora in Australia. The new business will offer the banking products of HSBC Australia as well as refer customer enquiries to HSBC India.

Graham Heunis, head of personal financial services for HSBC in Australia, said: “Australia has one of the fastest growing Indian communities in the world, numbering some 240,000, so this new service makes commercial sense.

“Australia’s Indian community has made their mark in the professional fields of IT, education, engineering and medicine as well as a significant number becoming successful entrepreneurs across a range of industries. And non-resident Indians tend to maintain strong banking affiliations with India, so there’s a real demand from the Indian community in Australia for access to Indian financial services.

“HSBC Australia’s non-resident Indian business will cater directly to this growing segment, offering tailored financial services solutions that meet the distinct needs of this group.”

Source: HSBC