Internet leads in information and entertainment

The internet is a prime source of information, an increasingly appealing source of entertainment and the place to turn for breaking news for an increasing majority of Australians. A major new study of Australians' internet use conducted by the ARC Centre for Creative Innovation at Swinburne University that will be published this month reveals that the proportion of internet users is highest among 18 to 24 year-olds (95 per cent) and lowest among those aged over 64 (30 per cent). Among those who use the internet, nearly seven in 10 say it has become an important source of information on government services, health, education, shopping and other forms of electronic commerce. Comparing the quality of information across media forms, the survey found 41 per cent of people thought most of the information in newspapers was reliable compared with 38 per cent who said that of the internet, and 29 per cent who said that of television.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald