Long term deposits good for retirees

The most popular term deposits are the shorter terms – three and six months but for people managing their own super funds or saving for retirement or a long term goal, the best option is the longer terms says John Lechte.

“Westpac is currently offering 8 per cent for a term of five years. People might ask why would you want to tie your money up for that long, but for a self managed super fund or a person planning their retirement it is perfect. A return of about eight and a half per cent per year for ten years will double your original capital,” says Lechte.

“You can get the same or better return from shares, but you might have to go to hell and back first.”

And that is the bottom line – cash deposits are paying high rates of returns, with a government backed guarantee – and none of the worry and stress that comes with market volatility.

Source: Sunday Mail