Macquarie tackles end-of-year investment with strategies to accelerate wealth

Macquarie Financial Services has compiled a free booklet – “Seven Strategies To Accelerate Your Wealth Creation” – designed to help investors' long-term wealth creation needs while effectively managing tax. The booklet offers strategies for investors in different life stages with different needs.

A number of investor profiles are included to help you match your own situation – from 20-year-olds with no assets and good incomes to people nearing retirement age – and suggestions are offered on which investment strategy might suit you at your particular life stage.

The booklet explains how the varying strategies can be put into action using products such as investment loans, instalments, superannuation, property funds and managed funds. The explanations are intended as a guide when discussing different options with your financial adviser.

Macquarie Financial Services Group's marketing director, Andrew Murray, says at this time of the financial year many people are looking for investments with tax efficiencies, but investments shouldn't be chosen on this basis alone: it's important to look at your portfolio over the long term. There are many investments that are not only tax-efficient but also help you reach long-term goals. Investing with know-how means there are ways to speed up wealth creation while managing risk and tax at the same time.

Mr Murray also stressed the importance of seeking advice from a licensed financial adviser, who will go through all the options that fit in with your specific lifestyle goals and current investment situation. This way tactics can be developed especially for you, including timings to take losses and gains from your investments.

The free booklet is available from Macquarie by phoning 1800 181 892.