Marketfaxts & Boursedata Sign Content Agreement

Market faxts and Bourse Data have signed a two-way agreement which allows each party to distribute the other’s web content on its own Internet sites.
Both Bourse Data and Market faxts each provide a range of financial information and content to Internet consumers. Bourse Data provides a range of investment information, including market information, company reports and announcements, portfolio management, market and share quotes.
Market faxts Managing Director Chris Gosselin welcomed the agreement, saying it was ‘another in a series of third party distribution deals which significantly increases traffic to our InfoChoice sites, which will in turn result in listing and i.commerce revenue. Meanwhile the addition of Bourse Investor content within Bankchoice and inFARMation will improve the user’s overall experience.’
Market faxts operates a range of ‘Infochoice’ brand of web sites which provide comparative pricing and product information to business and consumers. Existing Infochoice sites include, which compares a range of lending and investment products including mortgages, margin lending, business loans and deposits, and which compares mobile phones and plans, national and international call rates.
Market faxts also owns, providing over 20 categories of on line information to the rural sector. Collectively the Market faxts’ Infochoice sites receive over 1 million ‘hits’ per month.
Commenting on the announcement Bourse Data Chairman Mr. Hoskins said ‘This deal with Market Faxts is another step forward in Bourse Data’s strategy to drive internet traffic to its NetInvestor personal investment web-site.
Under the agreement Bourse Data will provide Bankchoice and inFARMation users with direct access to a co-branded Bourse Investor site where they will be able to view Bourse products and services.
As part of the agreement, Market faxts will act as a reseller of the Bourse Data investment software and products. This deal is a key element of the Bourse Retail strategy to increase traffic to its NetInvestor personal investment web site, and forms part of the overall lead generation program in an effort to increase its customer base.
Bourse’s NetInvestor site will include content lending and deposit rates from Bankchoice, including Margin Lending tables, allowing NetInvestor users to compare rates and features from a range of margin lenders.
According to Tony Robinson, Managing Director of Bourse Data, the co-branded web site program that Bourse Data entered into with Market Faxts is a key element of the company’s Retail Development Strategy.

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