Men jailed over NSW bank scam

Four men who skimmed $1.6 million from the accounts of 600 New South Wales bank customers have received jail sentences ranging between 16 and 22 months. The NSW district court heard that the men were part of a Canadian-Bulgarian syndicate and that they did not organise the scheme but became involved because they had financial problems in Canada. The men were to receive commissions of between 10 and 20 per cent. The scheme involved using fake card slots that were attached to ATM machines and recorded account information, while cameras filmed the account users entering their personal identification numbers (PINs). The information was then placed onto a blank card, and matched with the PINs, allowing the men to withdraw large amounts of money from the accounts. When they are released Svilen Marinov, Assen Dotchev, Christo Sotirov and Gueorgui Dinkov will be deported.