Money Facts issue 4, now available

The fourth edition of Infochoice's new online magazine has launched – just for members. ‘Money Facts' is full of our latest tips and comparisons on banking and investment products, as well as important news and handy web links.

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MONEY FACTS – November 2006

>Valuable lessons for borrowers
Home loan borrowers should not just automatically accept interest rate rises as something they can do little about. We show you why not.

>Layman's guide to petrol prices
With petrol prices nudging record highs, we look at the factors affecting the price at the pumps.

>Boom or bust goes the economic clock
We all know that the economy moves in cycles, see where the experts think we are now.

>Resi introduces a product to help you save
See if ‘Switch & Save' is the product for you (with a rate reduction of 0.34% it's worth a look).

Plus more news, tips and links.