New CBA loan for self-employed, indebted

The Commonwealth Bank has introduced a low documentation loan for people who are self-employed and find getting a mortgage loan difficult, as they're unable to fulfil the normal income verification requirements due to delayed tax returns or preparation of financial statements. CBA's Low Docs loan caters for these customers, who can borrow amounts up to $600,000 on an 80 per cent loan-to-value ratio.

Specialist non-conforming lender Liberty says that most banks are turning away people with six or more debts seeking help with their finances. Liberty MD Sherman Ma said the banks' reluctance to take on customers with above-average numbers of debts means these people are left with credit cards on which they're paying 20 per cent or more interest. Ma said a person with accumulated credit card or personal loan debts may not necessarily be a bad credit risk, they just need a helping hand to get debts under control.