No more reloadable pre-paid Visa cards

Apart from the Travelex Cash Passport and other travel cards, the reloadable open loop pre-paid card has failed to make an impact in Australia. Marketing company Pinpoint has a non-reloadable universal Visa card, but the reloadable quasi account products have all but disappeared.

The leader of the pack, at least last year, was BillExpress's Bopo Visa card that seemed to be finally achieving some brand awareness in the Channel Ten gen Y segment before it was dragged down by the death of BillExpress.

Technocash is currently looking for a buyer for much of its card and remittance business.

Brisbane based EMerchants used to market a universal pre-paid card called the CashCow card, which worked as a reasonable alternative to the Travelex Cash Passport, but no longer.

Source: The Sheet