Nokia 8210 fault update

Despite admitting that its 8210 mobile phone handset is prone to failure, Nokia Australia is refusing to reveal whether the fault has affected other models. The company released a statement on Monday which identifies a “component quality issue” with display parts from an unnamed manufacturer.

Prior to this statement Nokia had refused to acknowledge that the failure rate of its popular 8210 handset had been significant. Nokia continued to deny the existence of the problem even though there were allegations from mobile phone dealers that it was aware of the design fault.

The issue also became the subject of a Department of Fair Trading investigation, after it received a large number of complaints. The Department says it will release a statement relating to its investigation soon.

A Nokia spokesman said on Monday that the display components referred to in the statement released only apply to the 8210. Leaving itself an avenue to reverse that statement, the company also said that it would advise it that changed.