One.Tel termination fees clarified

One.Tel's Administrator Ferrier Hodgson has clarified which customers are liable for early termination fees. The information appears consistent with what PhoneChoice has been saying in recent weeks, however, here it is straight from the horses mouth:

“One.Tel GSM mobile customers who moved directly to Telstra, or to Optus and its service providers and Virgin after the company went into Administration on May 29 will not face any contract termination fees,” Steve Sherman of Ferrier Hodgson said.

The same applies to One.Tel Next Generation mobile customers who moved directly to Telstra. Customers who moved or intend to move to any other service provider after their One.Tel services have ceased will likewise avoid termination fees.

However, any customers who terminated their contract prior to the appointment of the Administrators or before their services were cut off by not transferring to service providers other than Telstra or Optus under the circumstances described above may still be required to pay a termination fee, Mr Sherman said.

The important dates for these customers are the dates on which their service was cut:
– June 12 for One.Tel GSM Mobile customers;
– June 9 for One.Tel Next Generation Mobile customers; and
– June 9 for One.Tel fixed line customers.