Online security a customer responsibility

Protect Your Financial Identity is a new website launched yesterday by the Australian Bankers Association, Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Australian High Tech Crime Centre. The website contains a lot of fairly basic advice and fact sheets. It also has an interactive quiz and information on how to report and recover from identity theft. “It's nice to have a website that is trying to educate people but it will be a substantial failure,” said Adrian McCullagh from the Information Security Institute at Queensland University of Technology. “Yes you can tell people to add firewalls and anti-virus software to their PC, but the vast majority of mums and dads A, don't know how to configure them; B, configuring them is not an easy task and C, a lot of people still don't have them.” The ABA said “this is definitely a two-way street – they [internet banking customers] have to be aware of their responsibilities.”