Optus releases new 12-month mobile deals

Optus's release of a range of new mobile handset & plan offers shows the competition is continuing to hot up in advance of the introduction of number portability in September, which will allow subscribers to switch carriers and take their old number with them.

The mobile phone carriers and service providers are doing everything they can to lock subscribers in under contract now so they can't switch freely come September 25.

As a result, most of the attractive deals until now have involved long-term contracts of up to 30 months. But it seems that Optus has picked up on the fact that consumers are not wanting to commit to long contracts in its latest range of new plans – the difference is that they involve only a 12-month contract.

The ‘yes‘ Rollover 33′, '44', '55', '77' and '99' plans are competitive on their call rates and the minimum monthly spend. However, the minimum monthly spend does not have as many included calls.

For example, compared to the ‘yes‘ Rollover 55' 24-month contract which allows all $55 a month to be used up in call charges, the ‘yes‘ Rollover 55' 12-month contract requires requires $55 a month spend of which only $35 can be used up in call charges. The flagfall is slightly more expensive at 18.7c compared to 16.5c. The call rates are quite comparable with the peak rate only being 1.1 cents dearer than the 24-month contract.

It probably won't be long before other service providers follow suit and release similar 12-month contract plans with number portability on the horizon.