Phone radiation levels revealed soon

Mobile phone users will soon be able to check the level of radiation emitted from their handset model and compare it with other models.

This information will be published from October for new models on manufacturers' websites and in brochures and user manuals and from next year for existing models. PhoneChoice will also add this information to its comparative tables.

The radiation levels are measured by Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) which show the human body's absorption of radio frequency in watts per kilogram. To date manufacturers have had to keep the levels below 1.6 SAR. Currently, most phones on the market emit between 0.5 and 1.0 SAR.

Last year it was found that some of the biggest selling brands of mobile phones emitted the highest radiation levels. Manufacturers have agreed to publish SARs due to community concerns but a link between phone radiation and and cancer or other health problems has yet to be established.

Daily Telegraph
19/07/01 Page 2