Planners and Brokers – the new bed partners ?

Financial planners and accountants have been getting together for some time now, providing the first step in a one stop shop financial solution for their clients.
More traditional stockbroking services appear to be next on the horizon, in particular discount broking, access to market news, portfolio management and initial public offerings.

Sanford Securities provide an online trading platform, called Virtual Broker, to third parties who want to provide their members discounted stockbroking services and access to IPO's (Initial Public Offerings). Associated Planners Financial Services have formed a new entity APG Financial Services that will strategic planning advise, business research, debt and equity capital raising, stockbroking and company research.

The amount and quality of investment information on the internet that investors can access continues to grow. To ensure that client funds under management remain with financial planners we can expect to see their services to expand. Additionally, financial planners will need to address the discounts that self directed investors can achieve in accessing shares and managed funds.