Property beats shares says survey

A survey by Atchison Consultants of 12 asset classes dispels the notion that shares outperform property in the long term. Atchison rated the asset classes over 15 years and found that residential property came in at number one with an average annual return of over 13 per cent. In second place was retail property returning 12.6 per cent, then industrial property (11.3 per cent), fixed interest assets (10.7 per cent) and listed property trusts (10.1 per cent).

Shares came in lower with Australian stocks' annual return averaging only 8.4 per cent and international equities 8.1 per cent. The study also showed shares the most volatile asset class with cash, industrial and retail property being the least volatile. The study was funded by Australian Direct Property Investment Association and the results can be viewed on its web site, located at