Qantas and Ansett split Flight West routes

Qantas is returning to Longreach, providing flights to the outback town as part of a carve-up of Queensland air routes after the collapse of Flight West.

The Queensland Government offered eight subsidised regional routes to three airlines. Qantas accepted the offer to service three of the eight routes. Almost all the 20 remote towns on the eight routes were serviced only by Flight West.

Sunstate Airlines, which provides QantasLink services in Queensland have indicated they will re-employ FlightWest staff.

Ansett Australia, which has been offered four air links, and its affiliate Eastland Air, are expected to decide today. Ansett have agreed to service 16 non-subsidised routes for an initial 90 days and re-employ 140 Flight West staff.

The Australian, p4, 5/7/01

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