Qantas denies ACCC Tassie breach

Qantas has hit back at claims from the Tasmanian Government that it is breaking commitments to the ACCC in its decision to cancel two flights a day between Hobart and Melbourne.

Qantas has suspended the late night return service which leaves Hobart at 9.30pm for Melbourne, departing Melbourne at 11pm and returning to Hobart at 12:10am.

Tasmania says Qantas made undertakings to the ACCC it would maintain existing services when it took comtrol of Impulse Airlines earlier this year.

Qantas denies the commitment has been breached saying that even with the suspension Qantas is still now offering more seats to Hobart than Qantas and Impulse when they were flying as separate entities. Qantas spokeswoman Alison Maxwell also told FlightChoice the airline's undertakings were only to keep the flights at the current levels as long as was commercially viable.

It says that, at this stage, the service is to be suspended temporarily from August 21 to November 30 because current passenger numbers are too low to cover the cost of operating the flights.

Qantas says it will continue to offer nine return services each day between Melbourne and Hobart and provide more capacity to Hobart than any other carrier.

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