Qantas faces strike action

The National Union of Workers has notified Qantas of plans for a 24 hour stoppage by storemen in freight handling, flight catering and engineering from next Tuesday and also threatening another strike the following week.

This action will depend on resolving a tough enterprise bargaining dispute over pay rates and conditions. With cost cutting a huge priority on the Qantas agenda union members are adamant that three will be no more concession bargaining.

Qantas managment has been trained to fill in if strike action occurs but it is unclear how disrupted the service will be.

A major airline union has split with the ACTU and is publicly backing the sale of Ansett Australia to Singapore Airlines. It appears competition is not the only worry for Qantas and Ansett in this turbulent time in the air.

The Australian Financial Review, P9, 16/8/01