Qantas looks at travel trends for new planes

Qantas is looking at air travel trends to decide what type of aircrafts it will purchase to update its fleet. Qantas will spend a total of up to $7.5 billion, with airplane manufacturers Boeing and Airbus clamouring to clinch the deal. According to Boeing, travellers are demanding more frequent non-stop flights suited to a larger number of their smaller aircrafts. Airbus, believes that passengers will be willing to accept longer flights for discount prices making their larger planes, such as the A3XX which seats 555 people, an ideal choice to move a large number of people comfortably, flying fewer flights. However, research suggests that travellers are more interested in frequency of service and straight flights, a fact Qantas will consider before updating its fleet.

‘Qantas needs crystal ball to buy new aircraft’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 21/09/00, p 23.