Qantas to offer more clot warnings

Qantas will be providing new information warning of the risks of developing blood clots following the announcement of potential legal action against major airlines by 10 travellers yesterday. Since the media reported that a Melbourne law firm Slater & Gordon – representing a group of 10 people – would proceed with a class action against some of the world's major airlines, hundreds of passengers claiming to have suffered from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) have contacted the firm. Qantas has announced that it will expand its warnings as a result. Qantas may start issuing warnings when passengers purchase their tickets and over the Internet. Warnings about DVT will also appear in the December issue of Qantas's inflight magazine. Meanwhile, Ansett claims it will not make any changes to the advice it currently offers its customers.

‘Qantas steps up warnings on clots', The Australian, 12/12/00, p 3.

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