Resi Mortgage Corporation launches Insurance Products

Non-bank lender RESI Mortgage Corp has today announced the launch of two insurance products designed to widen its portfolio and broaden its customer support. The products, RESI MortgageCover and RESI Home and Contents protection plans, offer a range of features and benefits with the ability to pay monthly at no extra cost.

The new products will be initially offered to RESI borrowers, however with the rollout of the lenders re-vamped website the general public will soon be able to make a purchase.

The introduction of such products into the RESI offering illustrates the ability of non-bank lenders to provide high quality mortgage loans as well as those peripheral products that are an essential consideration for borrowers. Banks, Building Society’s and Credit Unions have been offering these types of services for years, providing a one stop shop for applicants to take care of all there loan needs. This re-enforces the fact that non-bank lenders are indeed a major force in the mortgage market, and a must to include when looking for a home loan.

By introducing a mortgage cover product, RESI illustrates to the general public the need to consider covering your life as well as the fabric and contents of your home. Often borrowers see protecting their mortgage for death or disability as a luxury, where as in actual fact it is just as important as insuring the house itself. The peace of mind that comes with taking a mortgage protection policy is critical to ensuring that if something happens to the major breadwinner, the loan will be covered, the family taken care of and financial security maintained.

It is recommended that all borrowers should consider Mortgage Protection as a priority when taking out a loan.