Scam hits online bankers in Net cafés

UK fraud investigators say hackers are preying on backpackers via Internet cafes in Sydney stealing thousands of dollars from online bank accounts. A British tourist had $11,000 transferred from his account after he used a PC at a Kings Cross cyber-cafe where password-copying software had been installed without the knowledge of the cafe operators.

Although the incident hasn't yet been referred to police in Australia, the backpacker involved said UK police said it's not the first case. He warned other backpackers about the scam. Internet cafe owners in the area said they were unaware of the problem and provide no precautions, although downloaded software is cleared regularly from their PCs. One operator said that it's up to the users to take precautions themselves. The British backpacker's bank, HSBC, later reimbursed him for the money and said online procedures will be altered so it's more difficult to detect passwords.