Smart Card At The Cricket

A smart card project will be launched in Adelaide later this year by the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA), St. George, through its South Australian division, BankSA and Visa International.

Through the use of one smart card SACA members will be able to;
 Gain access to the members area at Adelaide Oval for cricket matches and other sporting activities and events.
 Purchase goods and services such as food and drinks at the venue via aVisa Cash electronic purse facility on the card.
 Use the smart card anywhere and anytime as a general Visa Credit card.
 Use the same smart card as an ATM or EFTPOS card.

We would expect organisations with big membership bases such as the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) to keep a close eye on how successful the Adelaide project is. If it does prove to be a success the MCC will find a long queue of banks outside its front door looking to do something similar.