St George Quicktrade Open For Business

The partnership between St George Bank Ltd and HSBC, announced in July, to offer a non-advisory stockbroking service – St George Quicktrade – has now opened for business.

Under St George Quicktrade, customers will be able to trade securities directly with the Australian Stock Exchange over the internet or access a fully equipped call centre facility. Execution and processing is carried out by HSBC InvestDirect and directly entered into the Stock Exchange Automated System (SEATS).

Transactions can be carried out from $28 per trade and customers will be able to access real time share quotes, transaction listings, market commentaries and chart the performance of shares. There are no ongoing subscription fees for access to this information. International share trading is also available through the St George Quicktrade Call Centre on 28 trading exchanges including New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Customers have the option of settling trades through direct debit, BPAY, or cheques from any bank account. St George customers can trade via a St George Portfolio Loan Account, St George Cash Management Account or St George Margin Lending Account.

St George Quicktrade also plans to provide customers with access to sophisticated research giving them the advantage of detailed company profiles and analysis, and updated company and investment news.