St George Upgrades Internet Banking Site

St.George Bank has announced the addition of several user friendly features to its internet banking site.
Among the new features are the ability to schedule a transfer of funds or bill payment to accounts at other banks at a future date, set transfers and bill payments to recur automatically and make group transfers to several different accounts.

According to St.George Managing Director, Ed O’Neal this will provide customers with greater ‘…flexibility to manage their finances…and enables customers to ensure their bills are paid on time while maximising the time their funds remain in their accounts.'

Further benefits include the comparative cost savings to traditional methods of automatic payments as well as payment views that allow customers to manage pending payments and track the history of their Internet Banking transactions. Other unique features of the site include customised viewing preferences, faster transactions with right mouse click options and a “Features Menu” allowing customers to access site tools such as calculators.

These developments highlight the importance institutions are placing on enhancing web banking performance and point clearly to where they see transactional banking heading.

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