Study says mobiles up risk of eye cancer

A study in the UK claims that regular mobile phone users are three times more likely to develop eye cancer than those who don't use mobile phones. While there has been concern over the risk of brain tumours caused by mobile phone use – of which there is no conclusive evidence – this is the first study to link mobiles to eye cancer. The research investigated uveal melanoma, a form of cancer where tumours occur in the layer that makes up the iris and retina base. The study concluded that uveal melanoma sufferers had a higher rate of mobile phone use compared to healthy people. However, Australian Cancer Society chief Alan Coates said further research was needed to rule out other possible and more likely causes for eye cancer such as sunlight. Mr Coates said that people who frequently use mobile phones might also spend a lot of time outdoors.

‘Mobile phone users face trebled rate of eye cancer', The Australian, 15/01/01, p 3.