Survey considers best long distance providers

A survey released by the Australian Consumers Association analysed the plans of 10 national telecommunications companies to determine which was the best value for money.

According to the survey, Ecomtel, a small telecommunications company offered the best value for money for long-distance calls. However, Phonechoice’s research shows that Eztel and TransACT offer the lowest rates in the market but were not included in the 10 national telecommunications companies analysed by the ACA. However, customers should also understand that the lowest rates don’t always mean the best value for money. Quality of the service should also be considered.

The ACA also warned that some companies have inadequate customer service; are making their plans too complicated for consumers and placing restrictions on the use of override codes.

Using overrides by dialing a four-digit prefix before a call is the best possible way to save on long-distance calls. Telstra, Optus, Orange and dingo blue exclude the use of overrides and the ACA deems this as anti-competitive behaviour as it prevents customers from taking advantage of lower rates offered by other service providers.