TeleOne launched amid acrimony

Mark Silbermann and Kevin Beck, former One.Tel directors, launched TeleOne yesterday, while hotly denying it was just “One.Tel Mark II” and created in the collapsed company's image. They said that the lessons learned from last year's telco failure will help the new company to prosper and Mr Silbermann claimed that with his “proven track record” he'll attract 100,000 customers in a year.

TeleOne will be offering fixed-line calls to national, international and mobile destinations via carriers AAPT and RSLCom, avoiding (initially at least) the local calls and heavy infrastructure costs that led to One.Tel's downfall.

The office staff are made up principally of ex-One.Tel employees and TeleOne's logo is very similar to One.Tel's. One employee commented that the culture is “remarkably similar to One.Tel's back in 1997”.