Telstra 2 – Last chance if you want to sell

If you’re looking to sell out of Telstra 2 then today is your last day. If you’re hesitant to take a loss of approximately one third of your investment it’s either pay or delay. Investors should be wary of selling out of existing shares to fund the second Telstra payment which may overexpose their portfolios to the telecommunications sector. There are currently eight warrant issuers offering instalment warrants so that you can delay the second payment by up to 3 years.

Those looking to sell today who aren’t signed up with a broker may sell via the Etrade site ( using their visitor trade service. Etrade are the only online brokers to offer this service and brokerage starts at $50.

Those interested in delaying payment by way of instalment warrant should contact one of the following warrant issuers:
ABN Amro
BNP Paribas
Commonwealth Securities
Deutsche Bank
Merrill Lynch
UBS Warburg

Rolling over your instalments receipts into instalment warrants will cost you interest of between 10% and 18% depending upon the warrant you chose.