Telstra offer to One.Tel customers

Telstra has launched an offer to One.Tel customers who face disconnection this week if they do not switch and become direct subscribers to Optus.

One.Tel customers who connect via the Optus network (have Optus on their mobile screens) are being offered free connection should they sign up with Telstra, with those still under contract also being offered free termination of their One.Tel contract. The offer does not apply to customers who connect via One.Tel's Next Generation network.

While this means this is the only offer that allows One.Tel customers to get out of their contract without penalty, they will not be able to take their number with them to Telstra.

Optus's offer of last week allows subscribers to switch and take their number with them but they will still have to honour their One.Tel contract (it is not clear whether these One.Tel contracts will still be binding if Optus switches off One.Tel subscribers on its network as plans).

Both the Telstra and Optus offers to switch require a 12-month commitment.

There are two plans for One.Tel customers to choose from if they switch. The BYOSaver and the GoldBYO. Both plans involve a 12-month commitment which attracts a $110 cancellation fee for those leaving Telstra within that time. If you do choose to switch to Telstra, you will lose your current One.Tel number.