Thieves target letterboxes in card scam

New South Wales south coast residents have been defrauded of more than $50,000 since February this year in credit card scams.

Nowra police believe that thieves have been taking cards from people's letter boxes, with a spread of victims from Wollongong in the north and Huskisson in the south reporting mail going missing.

Police are warning residents and retailers in the Shoalhaven area to be wary when they agree to offers to help them pay their bills or when they accept credit card details. Constable McCann urges everyone expecting to receive credit cards to have them sent to their nearest bank branch or to a post office box. He also warned local businesses that they should always check on identification before accepting credit card payments and supplying goods.

The scams are being carried out in two ways: the person supplies credit card numbers over the telephone in advance and then goes and picks up the goods; generally merchants don't bother to check on identification before supplying the items. The other way that fraud is being committed is through promises to pay people's bills, using stolen credit card numbers, in
return for $200 cash.