Virgin offers airfares to phone customers

Virgin Mobile is encouraging mobile phone users to switch across when mobile number portability comes into effect later this month by offering $150 off Virgin Blue flights to new customers who switch to its service before 31 October 2001.

New customers who subscribe to Virgin Mobile will need to make at least $50 worth of calls each month for the first three months before being awarded discounted flights which are not available until February next year.

Virgin Mobile announced yesterday it had attracted 5,000 former One.Tel customers following its collapse in June. This will add to the 100,000 subscribers since Virgin Mobile was launched in November 2000 as a reseller of the Optus network.

Virgin Mobile managing director Andrew Grant believes that the reason customers have not switched to Virgin in bigger numbers is because they would have to change their mobile number. This will change when number portability comes into effect on September 25.