Voice recognition system for insurance quotes and payments

Drivers seeking Compulsory Third Party car insurance may soon be able to obtain their policy using a voice-recognition quotation and payment processing system. Consumers will no longer feel the frustration of being put on a Call Centre’s waiting queue while trying to obtain a quote. VeCommerce will launch its VeQuote and VePay systems at a convention at Sydney’s Darling Harbour this week. The system allows the consumer to call up and answer a series of automated questions to obtain a quote, and if happy with the price the consumer can purchase the insurance. This will all be done without the consumer ever having to speak to a human being.

The voice-recognition system will dramatically reduce the amount of time a consumer spends getting a quote and purchasing insurance. However, as with other technological developments, the system won’t be suitable for everyone. Some consumers prefer the more personal service of speaking to someone, especially if they are seeking advice about the product before making the decision to purchase.

‘Voicepay cuts insurance cost’ The Australian 27/02/01 p 33