Woolies card falling behind

HSBC Australia’s newly appointed chief executive Paulo Maia said he was happy with the progress of the bank’s credit card joint venture with Woolworths, dismissing reports that it has been a disappointment. Maia said: “It is in line with our expectations.” The talk in the credit card industry is that take-up of the card has been poor.

The responsibility appears to lie with Woolworths, which is handling distribution through its retail outlets but has not done a good enough job training frontline staff to sell the product. Sources compare the poor take-up of the Woolworths card with the much stronger acceptance of the David Jones American Express, which is also being distributed in-store.

Maia said: “The credit card business in Australia is relatively new. Woolworths is a small part of it but it is an important relationship and it is developing well.” HSBC has 350,000 cards on issue though its own direct sales and through partnerships with Woolworths and other retailers.

Source: The Sheet