Youth mobile phone controversy

In the lead up to Christmas a growing debate has been sparked over aggressive marketing by mobile phone companies to sell their phones to the lucrative teenage market. Mobile phones are featured on many teenagers' Christmas wish lists this year spurred on by attractive mobile packages specifically targeted at the youth market. Consumer groups such as the Australian Consumers Association (ACA) have expressed concern that many young people may fall into debt by running up large phone bills that their families may end up having to pay. ACA has warned parents to check the full cost of the entire mobile deal instead of just the initial sign on fee. The targeting of young people is not exclusive to mobile phone companies. The youth market is the most lucrative as quick adopters of new technology making them natural targets for marketing campaigns for a number of industries. The debate highlights the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone use amongst young people.


  • uncertainty regarding mobile health risks
  • falling into financial debt
  • instant contact in emergency situations
  • introduction to the responsibilities associated to a financial commitment such as a mobile phone