Buying car, home & health insurance made easy

Leading consumer infomediary has made shopping around for car, home and health cover much easier thanks to its new comprehensive insurance category.

All the comparative information needed to choose an insurance policy has never been so readily accessible in one place as it is in this easy-to-use online format – and unlike other comparison services, all InfoChoice’s information is free to consumers.

InfoChoice general manager Lisa Montgomery said: “Our new category helps consumers cut the cost of insurance, save time finding the right policy and avoid being caught out by the ‘devil in the detail’ – just like we do in our bank, phone, investment and airfare categories.”

“Choosing an insurance policy is one of the most confusing decisions we ever have to make, having to wade through policy documents of 50 pages or more of definitions, inclusions, exclusions and excesses often written in confusing insurance terminology.”

The site cuts the confusion with a comprehensive range of health funds and car & home insurers allowing consumers to compare detailed policies side by side to find the one that suits their circumstances.

“And by showing the different discount options and the growing range of excesses that are available to reduce premiums, policyholders can be sure they minimise the costs of insurance.” Ms Montgomery said. aims to empower the consumer with all the tools and information they need to make an informed buying decision:

  • policy selectors which find policies based on a consumer’s individual preferences
  • calculators to value the home and its contents – even your life expectancy
  • analysis of market developments affecting policyholders
  • tips & tricks to avoid being caught out
  • glossaries to explain insurance jargon

And with the new push to encourage private health insurance – Lifetime Health Cover, the Medicare Levy Surcharge and the 30% rebate – choosing and maintaining a private health insurance policy has become a major headache for millions of Australians.

InfoChoice explains all the new rules, covers both hospital and ancillary health plans with their premiums and shows consumers how to avoid dreaded ‘Gap’ payments.

More Information:
Lisa Montgomery
General Manager, InfoChoice
02 9247 6788
0414 592 553

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