Change in management


The directors of InfoChoice have announced that following the integration of BecomeMedia Pty Limited, Mr Christopher Gosselin will step down as CEO, with his responsibilities being assumed by fellow Executive Director Tim Trumper, founder and formerly Joint Managing Director of BecomeMedia.

Commenting on the changes, Mr Gosselin, described it as an important development for the company. “One of the objectives and benefits of acquiring BecomeMedia was to develop greater depth of management as well as to diversify and strengthen the distribution methods for the InfoChoice content. Under current circumstances there is no need for two Executive Directors in a company of this size, and Tim Trumper has extensive experience in the media, especially print, an area we see as critical to our future prospects.

InfoChoice, like all companies of this size, and in this sector, faces the need to develop critical mass and sustainable profitability, and Tim's background at Murdoch Magazines and ACP will serve both he and the company well as it strives to develop new avenues of revenue – both from existing and new distribution and product offerings, and corporate opportunities where applicable.

Mr Trumper said “There is a need to consolidate the content market in Australia, and we are actively looking at opportunities which will add strength to the business. Recent sales success of our core products to Yahoo, Wizard and Orange shows that leading companies are investing in content and online services from InfoChoice.”

Mr Gosselin, who founded InfoChoice in 1993, retains an interest of approximately 28% of the enlarged capital base following the acquisition of BecomeMedia, will remain on the board as a Non Executive director. Mr Gosselin will also provide ongoing consultancy services to the Company, particularly in the media, sales and product development areas, for the InfoChoice range of consumer focussed content.

Salman Haq
Company Secretary
InfoChoice Limited