Market faxts changes name to reflect new InfoChoice model

Market faxts Ltd is expected to change its name to Infochoice Ltd at
the company's annual general meeting on November 30, to reflect the company's
strategy to become Australia's leading “infomediary”.

The company is moving quickly to develop its business model, distinguishing
itself from other internet-based companies, where its web sites and information
services are not advertising driven but based on sustainable subscriptions
from both companies and consumers.

The business model has been a described by two of the world's most prominent
internet experts, John Hagel III and Marc Singer (principals of McKinsey
& Co in the US) in their book “Net Worth”.

In the book, Hagel and Singer, write “By connecting information
supply with information demand, and by helping both parties determine
the value of that information, infomediaries will build a new kind of
information supply chain”.

They add, “Those who recognise the opportunity to truly champion
the customer (rather than simply pay lip service to the idea) will be
able to build infomediaries that generate considerable revenues and market

Market faxts has pioneered the Australian development of this infomediary
model – ie. a trusted agent – providing high quality and unbiased information
to consumers – operated under the net name of Infochoice
sites cover banking and mortgage lending, share trading, farming, airfares
and telecommunications, with a wide range of other new services and sites
to be launched in the near future covering insurance, funds management
and healthcare.

By providing a range of valuable services to suppliers and participants
in each respective industry, Infochoice derives its revenue from companies
seeking product distribution, research, web development and internet marketing
services, without being advertising driven where sites can become cluttered
and the information corrupted.

Managing Director of Market faxts, Mr Chris Gosselin, said “Our
name change reflects our business model, which should see us become cash
positive in the second half of next year. Our quickly expanding Infochoice
sites allow companies to display their products, services and pricing
in an unbiased environment – with direct comparisons with competitors
– providing valuable information to consumers”.

He added, “We are producing first class content, which is the heart
and soul of any valuable web site, and are being approached on a continuous
basis by web sites to contribute to them – which will provide a growing
revenue stream for the company”.

Infochoice also allows those companies to deal directly with their existing
and potential consumers by setting up their own “kiosks” on
the InfoChoice sites. Each kiosk replicates the supplier's own branding,
marketing and product information, providing suppliers with a valuable
opportunity to attract new customers and increase sales via on-line transactions.

The company generates a fee or commission on the resulting transaction
without Infochoice incurring the cost of building web infrastructure,
inventory, distribution, sales or credit facilities – where other dotcom
companies have floundered.

The company also supplies other web sites with InfoChoice content, complete
with all features and kiosks as required, with both parties able to share
any “i commerce” revenue resulting from transactions through
the co-branded pages. The content provision arrangements have recently
included Hot Copper, SheSaid and AustarNet.

For more information:
Chris Gosselin
Chief Executive Officer
InfoChoice Limited
PH: [02] 9247-6788
MOBILE: [0411] 537 830

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City Public Relations
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