New mobile service keeps farmers on the move, in the know

Farmers can now enjoy convenient mobile access to information relevant to their farming operations thanks to a new phone service from Telstra and leading agricultural website InFARMation.

The new CDMA WAP service launched today by Telstra offers a comprehensive information service for a number of industries and user groups but none is better served than Australian agriculture with the delivery of up to date rural news and daily commodity prices from

Charles McElhone, manager of inFARMation, is excited about the new possibilities that the mobile service offers Australian farmers: “We are constantly being challenged by farmers to deliver information in more timely and convenient ways to help facilitate their business decisions. This new service dramatically extends inFARMation's ability to meet these needs via its core medium – the internet.”

With the new CDMA phone network greatly improving mobile coverage across rural and regional Australia, farmers are adopting the technology at a rapid rate. Using this medium to put WAP data information onto a mobile phone screen allows farmers to respond to changing market signals faster and more effectively than ever before.

“For example, with the aid of a WAP-enabled CDMA phone a farmer will now be able to access the day's canola futures price while isolated in a back paddock and then lock in this price with his preferred broker without having to return to the homestead,” says Mr McElhone.

Agricultural news and commodity prices are just two of a wide range of WAP information services that the new Telstra CDMA product offers.

Telstra OnAir’s Director of CDMA, Mr Tim Buckley, said CDMA customers would be able to take advantage of faster CDMA data speeds for a wide range of WAP content. “Telstra has more than 80 applications, and we are excited to include the new service provided by InFARMation, addressing the needs of our rural and regional customers.”

Find out more about this new agricultural service now at or the full range of Telstra WAP services at

What is WAP?

WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and brings internet access to your mobile phone via specially-designed ‘pages' of text and number data which appear on your handset screen. WAP means you no longer have to be seated at your PC to access the online world.

For further information call:

Charles McElhone
Manager – in FARMation
(02) 9247 6788

Virginia Murphy
Public Relations Manager
Telstra OnAir
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