Navigate your car loan like a pro

Ready to upgrade your car, but don't want to wait for your savings to grow? A car loan could be the right choice to help [...]

POSTED ON May 8, 2017
Personal loans – a world of choice

The personal loan market is changing - for the better and borrowers are enjoying better products, lower interest rates and more choice than ever before.  [...]

POSTED ON July 22, 2016
More borrowers hit trouble with their car loan

More borrowers are apparently getting into trouble repaying their car loan according to data released by Fitch Ratings' latest Dinkum ABS Index. More than 0.5 [...]

POSTED ON June 16, 2016
Has your car loan just been sold?

ANZ has sold its car loan and finance business, Esanda, to Macquarie Group for $8.23 billion.Esanda currently has loans on issue worth in total about [...]

POSTED ON October 9, 2015
Do you know how a car loan actually works?

Car loans are a type of personal loans, approved for the specific purpose of buying a vehicle. Most car loans are secured against that vehicle [...]

POSTED ON May 18, 2015