Your guide to online share brokers in Australia

The rise of online share trading platforms has democratised trading by making it more accessible to “regular” people. You don’t need to visit and hire [...]

POSTED ON August 23, 2019
Banks to add more to RBA rate rises

Borrowers are likely to be slugged by more rate rises from RBA and more margin expanding rate rises from the big banks as well. The [...]

POSTED ON November 2, 2009
Switch your lender & save $3,800

Over the last 14 months of the GFC, many people moved their money and their business to a big four bank. Many people could simply [...]

POSTED ON November 2, 2009
Four steps to switching banks

Switching bank accounts to a new bank is easier than it has been in the past, but can still be a complex process. ASIC and [...]

POSTED ON November 2, 2009
Fee changes to all transaction accounts

Almost all banks, credit unions and building societies have announced changes to the fees they charge their credit card, loan and account customers. Now may [...]

POSTED ON November 2, 2009
Banks trying to connect with customers

ANZ, Westpac and NAB have launched new marketing programs recently all trying to reconnect with their customers and communities. ANZ have re-fashioned their signage with [...]

POSTED ON November 2, 2009
Aussies are stashing their cash

The first national study by Westpac into the social effects of the global financial crisis shows more than 32% of Australians are cocooning in the [...]

POSTED ON November 2, 2009
Complaints soar about mortgages and margin loans

The number of complaints against banks, financial institutions, advisors and insurers has soared to record levels never seen before. The financial ombudsman service is scrambling [...]

POSTED ON October 7, 2009
Savers want good rates and no fees

Bank customers are fed up with fees on savings accounts and want to be rewarded with higher rates for saving regularly, according to a new [...]

POSTED ON October 2, 2009
ME’s Online Savings Account ahead of the pack

ME Bank’s Online Savings Account has won the Australian Financial Review Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards 2009, Overall Savings Account Category. Savings products from over [...]

POSTED ON October 1, 2009
Be prepared for higher rates says RBA

Homebuyers have to be prepared for higher interest rates says the governor of the Reserve bank, Glenn Stevens. Stevens told a parliamentary hearing that rate [...]

POSTED ON August 17, 2009
No more big rate cuts

The Reserve Bank governor has signalled that the central bank may wait and see the impact of recent rate cuts before making any new big [...]

POSTED ON February 24, 2009
Half per cent rate cut for March

Market expectations of a 0.5 per cent rate cut firmed yesterday to a 100 per cent certainty after the release of the Reserve bank Board [...]

POSTED ON February 18, 2009
Margin lending declines at Commonwealth

Commonwealth Bank's margin lending business has plunged from $8 billion to $5.5 billion in six months, though this is in line with the decline in [...]

POSTED ON February 12, 2009
Rates down to 2 per cent by June

Investors trading on the Sydney Futures Exchange yesterday estimated the chances of a 1.0 per cent rate cut next week by the Reserve Bank at [...]

POSTED ON January 30, 2009
Margin investors enjoy capital protection

Margin lending tax reduction strategies surrounding the prepayment of loan interest has historically driven the number of margin lending accounts higher in the June quarter, [...]

POSTED ON August 22, 2008
Banks have no excuses for not cutting rates

Interest rates on 90-day bank bills have fallen by half a percentage point over the past three weeks leaving banks no with no excuses for [...]

POSTED ON August 14, 2008
Banks may not pass on rate cuts

New mortgage sales fell in the first half of 2008 by 25 per cent according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. CommSec said the figures [...]

POSTED ON August 7, 2008
Sharemarket expected to dive this week

After increasing by an average of 20 per cent in the previous four financial years, the S&P/ASX200 Index looks set to end the 2007-08 financial [...]

POSTED ON May 26, 2008
Have we said goodbye to the bears?

While there will be more ups and downs along the way, AMP's chief investment strategist Shane Oliver says that the worst of the sharemarket losses [...]

POSTED ON May 21, 2008
Consumer confidence takes a bite

Higher interest rates and rising fuel and food costs are putting a significant amount of pressure on consumer spending, suggesting that the work of the [...]

POSTED ON April 10, 2008
Stock lending data disarray

The Deputy Chair of the Australian Shareholders Association may have identified a $84 billion hole in official stock lending data. A recent BNP Paribas report [...]

POSTED ON April 8, 2008
ASX beefs up fines for market manipulation

Any stockbrokers found to be seriously manipulating the market will face a maximum fine of $1 million from Monday. The Australian Securities Exchange said that [...]

POSTED ON March 27, 2008
Every silver lining has a cloud

Share markets staged something of a recovery yesterday following news from the US of stranger than expected housing sales in February, and JP Morgan's decision [...]

POSTED ON March 26, 2008
Investors worried by extent of US Fed action

Interventions by the US Federal Reserve intended to boost the economy are being increasingly seen by investors as signs of desperation and only serving to [...]

POSTED ON March 18, 2008
ASIC warns on fringe brokers

A survey of home owners struggling to meet mortgage repayments has found cases of fringe brokers engaging in "equity stripping". Borrowers are being asked to [...]

POSTED ON March 14, 2008
Losses mounting in super funds

Superannuation funds are heading for their first annual loss in six years on the back of a 25 per cent fall in the sharemarket since [...]

POSTED ON March 12, 2008
Legal action planned against Fincorp directors

Insolvency firm KordaMentha has told creditors of collapsed property group Fincorp that there could be a basis for pursuing legal action against its directors. The [...]

POSTED ON March 11, 2008
Big margin call on Allco directors

Shares in Allco Finance Group, owned by the company's directors through a margin loan facility held by Allco Principals Investments, have been handed over to [...]

POSTED ON March 7, 2008
Increased scrutiny for short-sellers

Market regulators are clamping down on short-selling activities, reminding hedge funds that they have legal obligations to disclose their activities in this area. The Australian [...]

POSTED ON March 7, 2008
Directors pressured to show their margins

Asciano is the first company to disclose the margin loan positions of its executives following a reminder of disclosure obligations from the Australian Securities Exchange [...]

POSTED ON March 4, 2008
ATO targets do-it-yourself super

The Australian Taxation Office has renewed its warnings to trustees of self-managed superannuation funds after finding that many do not understand their basic legal obligations. [...]

POSTED ON March 3, 2008
Director margin loans under scrutiny

Investors want greater disclosure margin loans held by directors against shares in their companies and the federal Minister for Corporate Law, Nick Sherry, has asked [...]

POSTED ON February 28, 2008
Allco punished for hidden debt

After many delays Allco has finally announced a net profit of $83.94 million for the first half of the current financial year, a fall of [...]

POSTED ON February 26, 2008
Insider trading entrenched according to execs

According to senior markets executives insider trading is rife on the Australian stock market and has become "part of the system". Share prices of takeover [...]

POSTED ON February 20, 2008
ASIC questions disclosure rules

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission said yesterday that 44 per cent of consumers can't read well enough to understand investment disclosures and only 20 [...]

POSTED ON February 19, 2008
It’s been a busy time at the ASX

The Australian Securities Exchange is referring an increased number of insider trading allegations to ASIC with six breaches referred in January alone, compared with the [...]

POSTED ON February 15, 2008
Tricom struggles with fund demand

The future of troubled broking firm Tricom is in doubt as it has been forced to seek a buyer. With some of the company’s largest [...]

POSTED ON February 15, 2008
Industry wants 15% super in 7 years

The superannuation industry says that most people are not saving enough to fund their retirement and have called on the government to force 15 per [...]

POSTED ON February 14, 2008
Lenders check the books at Allco

Lenders to Allco Finance Group have called in corporate restructuring specialists as they attempt to ensure the viability of the investment finance specialist. With Allco [...]

POSTED ON February 14, 2008
Bank share hit bargain levels

Bank shares fell yesterday following the Commonwealth Bank's profit announcement and are now at their cheapest since early 2000 and the "tech-wreck". CBA shares were [...]

POSTED ON February 14, 2008
Fortress fund tumbling down

The Macquarie Fortress Investments fund is close to collapse with the value of its portfolio falling by a third in the last week. The drop [...]

POSTED ON February 12, 2008
Understand risks in the margins

Investors considering a margin loan should read the find print and ensure they understand their obligations. If the value of the share portfolio falls the [...]

POSTED ON February 6, 2008
Tricom rethinks margin strategy

Troubled broker Tricom Securities is under instruction from its banks to reduce its margin loan portfolio to $500 million and has said that it could [...]

POSTED ON February 5, 2008
Margin calls hit record highs

Record levels of margin calls have been made in the last two weeks and investors who have borrowed to purchase shares in companies exposed to [...]

POSTED ON February 5, 2008
CBA fears lead bank shares down

Shares in the major banks fell yesterday after the market was spooked by the Commonwealth Bank. The bank called an investor briefing and said that [...]

POSTED ON February 5, 2008
Margin lenders differ on regulation call

The call from the ASX for closer regulation of the margin lending industry has received a lukewarm response from the industry. While the proposal has [...]

POSTED ON February 4, 2008
Business lending up, but brakes on housing

Business lending is increasing at its fastest rate in almost 20 years with a 1.6 per cent increase in December contributing to a 24.3 per [...]

POSTED ON February 1, 2008
ASX under scrutiny for Tricom troubles

The ASX has been criticised for its role in creating uncertainty in the share market following the failure of Tricom to settle its trades on [...]

POSTED ON February 1, 2008
Broker settles but will be closely watched

The broker and margin lender Tricom will be under daily supervision by the ASX after failing to settle trades on Tuesday. While the firm did [...]

POSTED ON January 31, 2008
US moves prop up markets

All the share market losses on Tuesday have been recovered as investors reacted to moves in the US to shore up its economy. Following a [...]

POSTED ON January 25, 2008
Banks still offer good returns

While concerns about the exposure of Australian banks to problems in the US have been circulating over the past few days, analysts say that the [...]

POSTED ON January 22, 2008
Westpoint investors still looking for cash

Two years after the collapse of the Westpoint group investors are still waiting to see any of their cash. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission [...]

POSTED ON January 22, 2008
Super funds promote long term view

According to SuperRatings the average superannuation fund has lost 6 per cent so far this month, following a 0.46 per cent drop in December. However [...]

POSTED ON January 22, 2008
Suncorp confident of share price

Suncorp's chief executive, John Mulcahy, says that they will be able to close the share price gap with rivals by the end of 2008. With [...]

POSTED ON January 21, 2008
Bargain hunters scour share market

The Australian share market has fallen 16 per cent over the last two and a half months but some say there are now good deals [...]

POSTED ON January 21, 2008
NAB says UK market OK

The share price for National Australia Bank has lost almost $10 or 21 per cent from its $45 peak in November. Causing the slide is [...]

POSTED ON January 17, 2008
Oil hits record $100 a barrel

A combination of African violence, tight energy stockpiles and a weaker US dollar have contributed to a surge in the price of oil as speculative [...]

POSTED ON January 17, 2008
Xmas mobile shoppers beware

Consumers buying mobile phones for Christmas should check and understand the terms of their phone contract before signing warns the Australian Communications Authority (ACA). The [...]

POSTED ON December 12, 2000
Record health fund profits prompt payout call

Private health funds are under increased pressure to help out consumers and struggling private hospitals after recent figures indicate a record $343 million profit for [...]

POSTED ON December 11, 2000
Chat sites back under the hammer

Criminal lawyer, Chris Murphy, is launching a defamation action against online stock chat forum Stockhouse. It appears that the abuse and allegations against Murphy were [...]

POSTED ON December 11, 2000
Banks will cooperate on fees says ACCC

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the major banks – who the ACCC have accused of fixing credit card interchange fees – [...]

POSTED ON November 28, 2000
Qantas serves up expired food

1,000 out-of-date Qantas meals were thrown out after staff refused to serve them. However, staff have claimed that meals that were either out-of-date or on [...]

POSTED ON October 11, 2000
Mortgage brokers moving in

The recent rise of mortgage brokers - intermediaries that offer loans from a variety of lenders instead of only one – has helped ANZ and [...]

POSTED ON September 28, 2000
Credit card bank back down

After the ACCC threatened legal action against the major banks for fixing of credit card 'interchange’ fees (charges between banks for processing transactions on each [...]

POSTED ON September 22, 2000
NAB to raise fees and shut branches

The National Australia Bank has announced its intention to raise its bank fees and to close 100 of its metropolitan branches. The exact branches targeted [...]

POSTED ON September 18, 2000
Sanford follows the trend

Sanford Securities has reduced its minimum brokerage rates from $28.95 to $24.95 for both its Premium and Professional level services. A brokerage fee of 0.1% [...]

POSTED ON May 15, 2000
New banking initiative for Tasmania

Bendigo Bank and Tasmanian Trustees plan to develop a new banking organisation to operate in Tasmania, in a move that appears to make it less [...]

POSTED ON May 12, 2000
Comsec reduces online trading fee to $14.95

Comsec has immediately struck back at Westpac by offering online trading at $14.95 via its Commonwealth Direct Investment Account (CDIA). Key differences in these offers [...]

POSTED ON April 1, 2000
Westpac jumps into the discounting lead

Westpac has leapfrogged Comsec and Quicken in the discount trading war, offering online trading up to $15,000 for $15 in brokerage. This rate is to [...]

POSTED ON March 31, 2000
Australia now # 1 in share ownership

A survey released by the Australian Stock Exchange shows that during the past year the number of share owning Australians increased by 1.3 million to [...]

POSTED ON February 15, 2000
10% of ASX trades now made over the internet.

Online brokers have estimated that they now carry 10% of all market trades on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Based upon previous estimates this represents [...]

POSTED ON November 24, 1999