Maximise the appeal of your home with a minimum of cash

If the home you are trying to sell needs that little something extra to entice buyers, but you’re a bit short on cash, don’t despair. There are ways of making your property look good with little monetary outlay. Here are a few tips to maximise the appeal of your home with a minimum of cash.

The first thing to remember is potential buyers will be assessing the appeal of your home as soon as they lay eyes on it. Make sure the path leading to your entrance-way is free from debris. Clear it of any weeds and trim back any overhanging branches. Make sure the grass has been recently mown, ensure garbage bins are out of sight and the letter-box is free from copious amounts of junk mail.

The entrance-way should be uncluttered and welcoming. If you Don’t have a welcoming mat, or the one you currently have is looking a bit worn – get a new one. If possible, place a nice plant near your front door. If the door itself looks a bit shabby, give it a new coat of paint. You should be able to sand it back, give it a coat of primer, an undercoat and a topcoat for around $50.00.

Inside, you can spruce the place up in a number of quick and easy ways. Search around some of the discount stores and purchase some prints that will match the rest of your décor. These shops often carry a variety of prints with either rustic wooden frames or vibrant blue frames and usually range in price in from anywhere between $5 to $30.

Plants are a good investment for inside as well as outside. They add life to any room. However, ensure they are healthy looking and are presented in attractive pots. Cheap terracotta look-a-like pots can be bought at just about any big department store or your local nursery. A small or medium size pot should probably set you back between $5 and $10.

Lamps are also a good pick me up for most rooms and are an easy way to add some colour. Another idea to introduce some colour is to purchase a couple of bright cushions to put on a chair or lounge suite.

If some of your floor covering is looking a little worse for wear consider shopping around at some of the carpet stores for remnants or throw rugs. Well travelled carpet areas can sometimes be given a lift by simply purchasing some spray on carpet cleaner from your local grocery store.

For the bathroom, make sure it is as bright and airy as possible. A couple of fluffy new towels and matching bathroom mat and hand towel can go a long way to revamping an otherwise dull bathroom. Even purchasing a new shower curtain can go a long way to enhancing a bathroom.

A simple way to brighten up your kitchen is to buy a nice bright vase and put some fresh flowers in it. Again, check around the discount stores. You should be able to pick up a flower vase for less than $10.

If your kitchen curtains aren’t what they used to be it may be a good investment to get new ones. Ready-made curtain sets for an average size kitchen window can be purchased for as little as $39.95 from your local curtain retailer and can add instant appeal to your kitchen.

For a little cash, some inspiration and a few hours work, you can transform your home to a warm and inviting place.

Prepared in conjunction with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland.