Twelve tips to ensure internet security

Online banking fraud is on the rise and there are a number of ways you can protect your credit card and bank accounts if you transact over the internet:

  • keep your computer secure and the access to it;
  • don't send credit card or account details by e-mail;
  • reject any email that asks you to follow a link to website and input account details for verification – even if the website looks authentic, its probably a fake replica
  • make sure you log out of your online account when finished – especially at work, libraries and net cafes
  • deal only with established and reputable merchants;
  • only make payments to secure websites – look for the padlock symbol in the bottom-right of your browser and click for details
  • if using a new site, do business first in a small way;
  • check your accounts and report discrepancies immediately;
  • ignore the "remember my password option" on banking and shopping sites
  • change your password regularly;
  • cancel any card that has been used fraudulently;
  • read a company's privacy policy before buying online