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Product Details

Business Banking Factsheet

General Details
Product Name Unsecured Business Line of Credit (starting at 0.5% per month)
Institution Phone 1800 270 210
Loan Details
Loan Type LOC
Security Type Unsecured
Repayment Type Principal & Interest
Minimum Margin
Maximum Margin
Interest Calculated Monthly
Min. Loan Amount $1,000
Max. Loan Amount $250,000
Min. Loan Term 0.5
Max. Loan Term 1
Loan-to-Value Ratio
Max. Loan-to-Value Ratio
Loan-to-Value Ratio Negotiable No
Interest Rates
Variable Rate 0.50
Base Rate
Default Rate
Fixed Rate: 1 Year
Fixed Rate: 2 Year
Fixed Rate: 3 Year
Fixed Rate: 4 Year
Fixed Rate: 5 Year
Fixed Rate: 6 Year
Fixed Rate: 7 Year
Access and Fees
BusinessCard Access
Business Card Fee
Credit Card Access
Credit Card Fee
ATM Access
Internet Access
Internet Fee
Cheque Access
Cheque Fee
Drawdown Fee
Early Termination Fee or Penalty
Redraw Access
Redraw Fee
Establishment Fee 2-3
Exit Fee
Legal Fee
Over Limit Fee
Other Fee
Line Fee
Overdraft Fee
Over Limit Fee
Service Fee
Switching Fee
Temp Overdraft Fee
Unused Limit Fee
Valuation Fee
Comments Minimum Loam Term 6 months. Other benefits: Apply for a line of credit and don't pay any fees until you choose to draw down part of that amount as a loan.
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