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The best term deposits

Whether you’re saving for a few months or years, term deposits are a popular way to invest your hard-earned cash.

There are many term deposit rates, and term deposits are simple, safe and reliable, offering a guaranteed return over a fixed period.

Here you can search and compare the best value term deposits from a range of lenders, catch up on the latest information in our news and guides sections, or work out how much interest you’ll earn with our handy term deposits calculator.

Here are some term deposits to consider

Savings Amount

Account Type
Account Type

Term Deposit News

Long term deposit vs short term deposit

Long term deposits (over 12 months) generally offer higher rates than shorter terms but your money is locked away and you cant grab a better deal if rates change.  Read full article

Yay! Some banks are raising term deposit rates!

Some banks and credit unions are raising term deposit rates, to the relief of savers and investors. Read full article

Make Investing Great Again, with term deposits

Are you worried about what the election of Donald Trump might mean for you personally? In an uncertain world, you can count on term deposits.  Read full article

More News

Term Deposit Guides

Three tips to help you save for tomorrow

Struggling to save money? Try investing your money to get your savings back on track. Here are our top tips to help you meet your savings goals. Read full article

How to pay for the wedding you want

Weddings can come with quite the price tag. Here's how to budget for a wedding so you don't have to cut corners. Read full article

Think you'll never own property? Think again

Struggling to get into the property market? Perhaps it's time for a different approach. Here are some options that might get your foot in the door. Read full article

The right savings account for your grandchild

Are you looking to open a savings account for your grandchildren? Here's a look at the different products available and how they can help you save. Read full article

Three ways to maximise your family finances

Want to make the most of your family finances with $1,000 or less? Here's a look at three ways you can maximise your money. Read full article

More Guides

Find the right term deposit account for you

The number of term deposit accounts on offer can make it difficult to choose a good deal. But finding the right account is easy with InfoChoice. Whether you want to invest your money into a short or long-term deposit account, InfoChoice allows you to search and compare in one place. You can compare features such as access options and read breaking information about term deposit accounts in our news and guides section. You can also work out how much interest you’ll earn by using our term deposit calculator. Some accounts will take you the provider’s website so you can open your account online today.

More Term Deposits

Institution Product Rate (%) Details
Term Deposit Specials - New Funds 2.60 Go to site
ME Bank Term Deposit 2.50 Go to site
Bankwest Online Term Deposit 2.35 Go to site
Term Deposit 2.10 Go to site
Term Deposit 2.10 Go to site
Institution Product Rate (%) Details

Based rates for a term deposit of $25,000. For information on how we've selected these “Sponsored” and “Featured” products click here.


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